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Two Years in Cape Town

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Jenny: Two years ago, in January 2010, I was sent to Cape Town by Harvester Reformational Church Birmingham to study at Miracle Bible College. Since then I have finished my two years study, got married and on the 12th January 2012 Jesse Graham, our first child was born.

Studying the word of God was an easy decision for me to make, I knew that I needed to gain the right foundations in my life so that God can build on something substantial – the word. By making seeking God the most pre-eminent thing in my life, God took care of the things I thought I needed to take care of. He gave me a husband and now a child too!

Life for us this year is a completely new season with new challenges every day. Louwrens is going full time with his plumbing business as well as other business ideas he has. He is also working part-time in the evenings as a waiter. We live by faith in God as our provider but from our side Louwrens is doing what his hand finds to do, a principle taught in the church taken from Ecclesiastes 9:10, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might”. His hard work means I can stay at home with Jesse for as long as it is feasible – what a blessing!

Louwrens: I became a member of Harvester International Ministries in June 2009 when I gave my life to the Lord, things have changed rapidly since then (to the glory of God). In the brokenness of my youth and what family meant to me, Jesus intervened and made me whole, I am happily married and a father today, the meaning of family has become a glorious picture, it is the bond of perfection that we also find in the family of harvesters – love.

Our plans are simple, to continually reform the way we think about ministry as that is where our hearts are. We can always learn to serve humanity more by the way Jesus lived and lay down our plans, at the end of the day we are nothing without Him.

We are excited for our brother Ben to come to South Africa and stay with us, Gods provision is beyond our natural eyes of understanding, but through the eyes of faith all is possible. Ben’s room has been empty since we moved in and within two days (28th-29th Jan 2012) we got a bed, desk and a chair all through the church who just offered it to us! We are eternally thankful and blessed.Amen

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