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14th January 2018 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
The Lukewarm Church
18th February 2018 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
Kingdom Peace
11th March 2018 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
Aligning with the Body
8th April 2018 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
The Promise of the Holy Spirit
6th May 2018 (Teacher Ann Unsworth)
Aspects of Moses' Faith
17th June 2018 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
God's Supreme Revelation
22nd July 2018 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
If it Wasn't for the Blood
With Signs Following
5th August 2018 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
Old Versus New
16th September 2018 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
Visions of Light
28th October 2018 (Apostle Aje Pelser)
25th November 2018 (Evangelist Werner Lourens)
Expressions of the Father's Love
27th January 2019 (Teacher Ben Unsworth)
Trained By Grace
3rd February 2019 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
2 Corinthians 4:7 - 5:8
31st March 2019 (Teacher Ann Unsworth)
Other Sheep I Have
7th April 2019 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
David's Encounter With Pride
12th May 2019 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
God's Blueprint Plan
30th June 2019 (Apostle Jan Oosthuizen)
When I Am Weak, I Am Strong
14th July 2019 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
God Reveals His Heart Toward Us
25th August 2019 (Evangelist Werner Lourens)
Testimonies from 10 Year Celebration
8th September 2019 (Various)
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