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More Than the Sum of Its Parts

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Apostolic visit from Apostle André Pelser and Prophet Nola Pelser

The French Connection

I had been looking forward to meeting up with Apostle Nicolas Schmidt and his Claire since I saw them on my last mission trip to Honfleur at the beginning of March this year. Nicolas lives and works in Paris and was formerly a member of a charismatic church in Clamart which he recently left. He woke up one day last year and the Lord spoke to him to go and see Apostle André in South Africa which he dutifully did. During that visit he was ordained as an Apostle.

I thought I was simply collecting André and Nola from Nicolas and Claire’s house and staying one night to rest so I could bring them to the UK the next day. After some confusion, I realised on the Sunday before I left to get them that I was to be the speaker for that final meeting on Monday evening! I arrived and found a parking space on the street where Nicolas lives opposite their front door and was immediately faced with two familiar figures who were about to take a walk. God’s timing is perfect. I was able to join André and Nola for a proper French promenade before settling in to my overnight accommodation.

Nola and Andre updated me to the fact that God had spoken to Apostle Nicolas about planting the Church which he announced as at a meeting they held on the Sunday. I was travelling to a brand-new Harvester Church which would be a day old on my arrival.

The meeting on the Monday evening was well attended and we were privileged to have Bernard, a local who translates books from English into French, to interpret. It was a good evening with Nola leading in prophetic worship. I shared prophecy and spoke on naming the old obsolete from Isaiah 42. After I finished we had a time of sharing and questions which proved fruitful. An encouragement to Nicolas in particular.

Rochester beckons – 9th May

We left early on the Tuesday heading for the Eurotunnel near Calais. We made good progress and could board an earlier train than planned which allowed us to stop for a decent lunch in Ashford. Our hotel was situated in the Chatham Maritime area part of the Historic Dockyard. After a short rest, we made our way to Rochester Elim Church for a meal, radio interview and the evening service.

The leaders of Rochester Elim are Gill and Jamie Erwin, mother and son. Jamie is also a student at MBC Birmingham, our first remote attendee using FaceTime. The church is familiar to me from my first visit here in 1974. Gill and her husband were at Elim Bible College the same time I was, as was Graeme’s brother Geoff who was a roommate. Graeme was an Elim Pastor and sadly died in 2000 when they lived in Jersey. Gill came back to her home town of Rochester and eventually was led to take on the leadership of the Church there. Gill grew up in the Church.

We enjoyed a wonderful curry and some fellowship after which we recorded an interview with Beverley Veerasawmy, Gill’s daughter. She presents a program on Kent Christian Radio every Friday. It was a relaxed interview and was well led by Beverley.

The meeting was small in attendance but held a special significance. It was in this same building that Principal George Jeffreys, a Pentecostal pioneer in the United Kingdom, held his healing meetings. That was in the 1920’s. Many healings were recorded and many souls saved. These meetings led to the planting of Rochester Elim Church. Worship was led by Nola and we prayed for some to be baptised in the Spirit and ministered the word and prophesied.

We travelled back to the hotel and left the next day for Birmingham

Birmingham Apostolic Gathering – 10th to 14th May

It was almost two years since we had enjoyed Apostle André and Prophet Nola visiting us as an apostolic couple. The event was special, the wedding of my son Ben to his now wife Mary. In the intervening period, much has changed at Harvester Reformational Church Birmingham. We are now officially a registered charity, numbers have been added and the maturity in the Body has developed well. We were anticipating much impartation and had been praying for that from the time the meetings were agreed.

Wednesday evening, we met together for a meal with all the leaders of HRCB. It was wonderful to laugh and reminisce and enjoy each other. I realised that all of this was possible because of a connection that began on the 1st June 2005 in Sainte Etienne, France at a small meeting of leaders. Apostle André was not supposed to be there but insisted that his host take him with him and the rest is history.

Thursday we held a meeting in our home for the local Body. I led worship with prophetic flow and there was great joy released.

Prophet Nola shared how she had asked God how will the UK be reached, ‘through prayer’ was what she heard. This was confirmation of something we had been seeing for ourselves and as a result we will be holding an all-night prayer meeting in the near future. Apostle André spoke on the need for impartation not information: -

“Why do we go? Impartation. Information is cheap. Impartation takes much longer. We need to go. Their hearts need to be turned to you for impartation to take place. Discipling needs inspiration not information. It only takes place from person to person. Impartation can change in a moment. In the age of information what is important is impartation. The entrance of His word gives light.”

This was an encouraging word for us. Impartation is about the ‘more than the sum of the parts’. You don’t always see immediate results when you look to impart, like sowing a seed, it takes time to produce the fruit.

Friday was our first public meeting. We were joined by some of the Halifax Church members and two Harvesters now living in Dundee. A truly international gathering with Lebanon, Australia, South Africa and the UK represented.

We had asked Prophet Nola to lead our worship sessions and we were privileged to have Pastor Duncan from Halifax lead in the dance. I have heard Nola lead worship many times but for me there was a depth I had not experienced during her other visits. This continued for the whole weekend. At one point as the Spirit inspired we all sang in tongues at the same time, a very special moment.

Apostle André spoke on Kingdom joy. Allowing the Word to abide in you which allows us to ask per His will. When we arrive at the point of something being His will our faith is easy to operate.

“How does the Word abide in you? It needs to find a resting place. By meditating or study until you see how things are done.”

Saturday we had lunch at Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory - a world famous eating place if the publicity is to be believed. The meal was as good as the fellowship and we enjoyed lots of fun and laughter.

The same weightiness was present in the evening worship. Prophet Nola also gave us some practical advice on how to organise and help in a spiritual counselling situation. This was particularly helpful to those we have released to do this in the Church, I sense as she spoke many were sensing deep issues that troubled them rise in their spirits which I shared needed to be prayed about rather than rush into ministry.

Apostle André wisely shared after that instruction about looking forward and straining for the prize that lies ahead. Satan wants us to focus on things we see as unsolvable or hurtful but our aim should be the prize that lies ahead. This fitted in with a word God spoke to me in South Africa, stretch forward for things that seem unobtainable and they will in time be revealed.

Sunday we met for our morning meeting and had communion and shared many prophecies as a Body. It was good to sense the freedom and maturity that people could prophecy one by one. Prophet Nola sang the ‘Happy song’ especially for the children and it was wonderful to hear them laughing loudly and jumping for joy in praise.
Apostle André spoke on hearing from the Word: -

“Pay attention to the written word of God, it is more sure word than the audible voice of God. Why? Because the devil can imitate the audible”

We can have false dawn experiences if we don’t wait patiently. The morning star comes before sunrise and can seem to give a light but it is not the full light of day. We need to meditate on the Word and allow the seed to come to harvest. He reminded us that often when an Apostle visits it takes three months for the fruit to appear. This is also my experience.

The meeting ended with prophecies for Apostle André and Prophet Nola as we sent them off to HRC Halifax for their final meeting.

Halifax HRC – May 14th Evening service

With most of the HRCB congregation needing to be up early for work next day it was Teacher Ben and I who made the journey to the evening. HRCH had hired a venue, part of the Blackley Baptist Church, which afforded great views of the surrounding green hills.

The same sense of weighty worship was felt. We sang what had become a standard for the visit ‘I am determined to do good to my house’. It makes sense if you understand the heart for God for His Body.
Prophecies were given and Apostle André spoke a very simple, clear but at the same time profound word. Apostle Paul gave good advice to Timothy his spiritual son. Learn from the farmer the athlete and the soldier.

·        Farmer - has patience
·        Soldier - endures hardship
·        Athlete – has training and discipline

What I heard from it was don’t give up but wait with patience. Keep running and endure what comes your way and push through.

The Halifax Church has the right leadership, the right people and is in the right place. I am excited for them as they see the will of the Lord unfold.

Ben and I left after some great Yorkshire hospitality was sampled and made our way back to Birmingham.
What a wonderful few days. There has been much done. More than the sum of the parts. If you judge by numbers and manifestations, you will miss it.

Some comments: -

What an awesome time of refreshing of input of laughter this weekend felt I had been at a summit loved everything going home feeling so uplifted thank you Andre and Nola

Amen it was a wonderful time together. I feel much were imparted to the body. The unity and same frequency was evident.

I want to encourage the church to act on Apostle Andre's word to wait on God. It really spoke to me how Dr Grey taught them to wait on God and often we do that by coming to God with a list of troubles we have and want God to speak to us about it. But we sometimes need to come to God with no agenda but rather wait for Him to speak on what ever He wants to. I have been doing  this the last two days and I felt how God lifted me above my own troubles and they seemed insignificant and taken care from the height God lifted me to.

I want to share with the group how I feel since the weekend, I feel such a reverence for God, my spirit and my voice keeps saying holy holy holy

The weekend had no agenda but God spoke to us as a body

God was speaking into our spirit what he wanted us to hear. I am so excited in my spirit that what we received will work out in each of us as we receive with a willing heart

I am excited to see what the next three months bring.

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