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Prophet Graham in South Africa - The Summit

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From the 18th to the 20th of April Prophet Graham attended this year's Summit in Bergkroon, Wellington. Below is his report.
"After a mid-morning flight from Johannesburg I arrived at Cape Town International Airport and was met by Alan one of the Harvester Cape Town members. We set of to make our way to Bergkroon, a camp venue where this year’s Summit would be held. Bergkroon is about fifteen minutes’ drive out of Wellington.
The anticipation of renewing acquaintances with familiar faces builds as we near the camp. At registration the greetings begin with a brief exchange of warm words usually ending with ‘How is Ben?’ Or ‘How are Jenny and Louwrens?’ After several of these encounters I managed to make my way to the allotted room which just happens to be the same one I shared with the family last year.

The theme for this year's Summit was the Aircraft Carrier. Apostle Aje ably introduced the spiritual principles we see from the workings of an aircraft carrier fleet that has many functions and also other ships that sail with it with different purposes. The one evident thing that on an aircraft carrier there are no passengers. No sitting on the deck in deckchairs with your sun lotion, favourite book and ice cream.
The meal times are always special and are times when new connections are made and old ones renewed. It was a thrill to receive one of my family members, Lisa and her friend Knowa. Lisa is the sister of my daughter in grace Mary who is married to my son Ben. It was funny to see people greet her and recognise her as Mary’s sister without any introduction from me.
The worship is always a highlight and this year I felt it was so easy to enter in and there was unity of the Spirit. The form of worship is prophetic and so God speaks as He wants and we worship in Spirit and in Truth. This is accompanied with the dance which allows you to enter into movement that goes with the flow of what God is busy doing.
The various sessions covered a lot of topics and for me the list below is a taste of what I felt spoken to by: -
·        Lay down your life for God laid down His life for you
·        Whether God appears to you or speaks in the word or by others He would say the same thing no differences
·        He appears to show us He is alive
·        His message is ’go’
·        It is Christ in us who is the hope of glory
·        Eternal Church, eternal gospel, eternal glory
·        Sign of a true church is it does the will of God
·        Go to nations to preach the gospel, go is easy
·        Ask God for your mandate for what you are to do in this move
·        Resting is the place to move from
·        Programs will bring you a crowd but not build a church
·        His will is His Word
·        Being true and honest to who you are is doing His will
I would recommend visiting the Live Stream recordings to see more.

A new feature of this year’s Summit was the breakdown of the Tuesday afternoon sessions into Orbit. I met with those interested in the IT Orbit and we managed to see for ourselves the tremendous work done already but also realise that this has not been communicated to the network of churches we represent. Through sharing this way we were able to agree an approach that will hopefully help us improve.
Wednesday morning we all said our goodbyes and left. It is always a bit sad but we know that we are part of each other and that the connection we have is eternal. This is my 9th Summit. I would say there was an overwhelming sense of peace that governed the whole thing. It is always different but always a blessing."

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