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Prophet Graham in South Africa - Moorreessburg, Paarl and Cape Town

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Below is Prophet Graham's report on more of his time in the Western Cape, from 26th April to 3rd May.

"I left Clanwilliam on Tuesday 26th April and was taken by Apostle Jan to Citrusdal to meet Pastor Johan-Henri Smit who would be my host for one night in Harvester Moorreessburg. The church has been planted now for five years, one year less than Harvester Birmingham. I travelled with Pastor Johan-Henri and one of his church members, John. John is an Italian by heritage but was raised in South Africa. He has worked in the construction trade in the UK for quite a few years and is a very interesting man to talk to.
We arrived in Moorreessburg late morning and I spent some quality time resting and chatting with Johan-Henri. After a late lunch and some more rest we left to set up the room for the meeting. After setting the chairs out and preparing the PA we were joined by Johan-Henri’s wife Marna. She is a music teacher and is very accomplished on the guitar and is the worship leader.
Gradually the room filled and the worship began. Marna has a strong anointing on her singing and prophetic worship. I really sensed the presence and leading of the Spirit as she led.
I spoke on true belief being linked with obedience and then ministered to the people. Several words of knowledge were given and quite a few responded and baby cane forward for prayer.
After an overnight stay I was taken by Johan-Henri to my next hosts, Apostle Andre and Prophet Nola Pelser leaders of the Apostolic move we are part of.
I first met Apostle Andre at a meeting in St Etienne in France where I was ministering at a meeting of charismatic leaders in the town. Apostle Andre was not meant to be at the meeting but insisted on attending with his host. Out of that our friendship began and my first trip to Harvester Cape Town was made the following year. It was on that trip on 6th July 2006 that I was ordained as a Prophet. The rest as they say is history. I came every year since to South Africa, sometimes more than once in a year.
My first meeting in Cape Town was a Wednesday Area Meeting in the home of Apostle Aje who is the son of Apostle Andre. The room was full. After some drinks and snacks I spoke on living on the revealed word, Matthew 16:13-17 contrasts those with opinions of who Jesus was with the revelation Peter had of Him as Christ. We need to live by the revealed word not just text. Several were ministered to and given words.
Thursday was a day of fellowship with Andre and Nola. We rarely get time to catch up and it is always precious when given the opportunity.
Friday and Saturday I was to minister at the Paarl Church about an hour out of Cape Town. The Church is a new plant and is led by Pastors Derrek and Theresa Davids. I have known them for several years, they were Area Leaders of Table View which included the Household led by my daughter Jenny and her husband Louwrens. I have stayed with Derrick and Theresa a couple of times before when I went to minister in Harvester Church in Wellington.
The Church is still growing. Pastor Derrick is also Worship Leader. He is a good musician and he ably led in prophetic flow at both meetings.
I spoke first night on Obedient belief. I challenged the people to obey and not just follow. I was not led to prophecy but said I would prophecy over all who came the next night.
Saturday night I gave a simple teaching on how our salvation leads us into a relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit, that He baptises us into he Body of Christ where we become members who function in His gifts. I then explained the gift of prophecy and at the end I prophesied over many. I then led them into activation of prophecy and they all prophesied to one another. It was a gracious and special time of ministry.
After some after Church fellowship with Derrick and Theresa I drove back to my hosts to sleep before the Sunday meetings at Harvester Cape Town.
I have been visiting Harvester Cape Town for ten years and seen many changes. It was the home church for both my daughter Jenny and my son Ben for a time. Jenny met her husband here and both Ben and Jenny graduated from Miracle Bible College which is ran by the Church. It holds many precious memories and it is always a place where I am excited to be.
The Church has had three venues since I have been coming, Milpark Centre in Milnerton and two High Schools. The church will soon have its own building as the building of a brand new church building starts soon.
Sunday morning the worship was led by Chantal Pelser, wife of Apostle Aje. She has a unique gift to lead worship prophetically. I felt that there has been a break through in this area even since my last visit and that things had shifted to another level. The dance is always good to join in with and led by Apostle Leigh and Prophet Lynnette Collins.
One feature of the meetings I love are the testimonies. Every week people share of their experience of God from the previous week. It makes for a freshness and inspires faith.
I knew before I left for South Africa what my sermon would be, Laying done our lives. I have felt for a long time that the Church in many places has lost the true identity it has and this is because another gospel is preached. It is a gospel that makes Jesus a lover not our Lord. Jesus said that unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies it cannot produce fruit. At the end many responded to the message and came to the front to lay down their lives for Him. Several prophecies where given to individuals and some prayer ministry.
Sunday was food at Andre and Nola’s with all the Pelser family. It is a good time of food, fun and sharing. It was sad that is was interrupted with a call from the alarm company to say Apostle Aje’s home had been broken into. He left with Apostle Andre to see what had happened and apart from a damaged door nothing was taken. Praise God!
Sunday evening the worship was led by Apostle Leigh. I ministered on The Purpose of God for your lives, Our purpose in to be in God’s image. That was why God created man to be in His image. When we understand that it was His eternal purpose we can see a life beyond a limited span of years and see with eternal perspective. I prophesied over many.
Monday was a holiday in South Africa. I was taken to see Aje’s son Ethan play soccer. You must really learn to play in windy conditions in Cape Town, it seems that is a permanent feature. After the game we gathered at Aje’s home to have a braai and fellowship.
Tuesday was my last full day there. I met with Apostle Leigh and his wife Lynnette and son Kristofor for lunch. They live in Durbanville which is a very beautiful place. It was a nice part of my last day. The evening I was back with Andre and Nola and we chatted about the various mutual friends and finished the last pork chops from Monday’s braai. Early night and packing for my trip to the Eastern Cape took up the rest of the evening.
Wednesday I attended the Staff Breakfast and was collected and taken to the airport for my flight to Port Elizabeth. Cape Town memories were once again added to. Can’t wait for my next trip."

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