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Prophet Graham in South Africa - Olifantsriviervallei

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After this year's Summit, Prophet Graham spent a few days ministering in the Olifantsriviervallei, north of Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa.
"I have been coming to South Africa for ten years this year and the first outside of Cape Town connection I made was with Apostle Jan Oosthuizen and his wife Chantal. Jan was appointed to lead the work in one of the country towns north of Cape Town called Citrusdal. He has since planted two more churches in Clanwilliam and Vredenal. These towns lie along the Olifantsriviervallei or Elephants River valley.
2007 was the first time I went to any of the churches and that time I travelled with my wife Annie and daughter Jenny. In the nine years since that first trip I have returned almost every year and in the internecine years seen a lot of changes.
This trip my base was Clanwilliam where I stayed in the Old Rectory Guest House which is along the Main Street. It is a beautiful place to be and somewhere I have stayed before. It has much character and is run by Esther who also has connections with the Harvester Church in Clanwilliam.
I arrived Wednesday 20th April after travelling back from the Summit in Wellington. After a good night’s rest and spending the daytime preparing myself for ministry I set off with Apostle Jan for the drive to minister in Vredendal. It is about an hour’s drive north of Clanwilliam. The newly improved road has made quite a difference, I remember having to stop many times as the road was being rebuilt over the past few years but now it is completed.
The leader of the Harvester Church in Vredendal is Jan Hendicks Kleynhans who was one of the local radio dj’s until taking up a full time role in the church. He has led the church for about three years with his wife Monika. They are now meeting at a new site which is a rented hall formerly used by a restaurant. The worship was led by Apostle Jan and was a mixture of Afrikaans and English. I once again ministered about discerning the false and it was well received. I had already given a few prophetic words to some people but felt led to offer to pray with anyone who had a need and found most waited and responded. God gave me a word of knowledge for one older lady concerning a blood disorder and I released healing to her. It was a free and flowing time in God.
After a day back in Clanwilliam I left for Cirusdal with Apostle Jan and Prophet Chantal for the evening night of prayer. After a meal with two of the elders of the Church we went to the High School used for the meeting. It is a venue that has become well known to me over the years and all of my family at one time or another have been there.
There was a new person leading worship with Apostle Jan who led in the prophetic flow of the Spirit. I always find it easy to minister as a result of that kind of flow. I had intended to speak about one thing but I began to flow out of some meditation in the Word I received that morning about coming into the Holy Place to discover the ways of God. There is no veil we can enter in
with boldness and freedom to enjoy and take what God has given us. Out of that Word I gave a prophecy to the Church about the wells that Isaac sought to re-dig in Genesis 26. This was a prophetic indication of what the history of the church in Citrusdal had been like. The well of quarrelling stopped the first well being re-dug. Enmity was at the second well that caused no progress. The third place Isaac came to there was no opposition and he named the well Rehoboth which means spaciousness. There is now room to establish and move in the spacious place God has given to draw from that well. Many received prophetic words and even as I prophesied over one lady I was led to pray against restriction in her body without knowing she was suffering in that way.
Saturday was a day to relax. Jan and Chantal took me for a beautiful drive and we had breakfast by a small dam that the week before was dry and barren. A sign of the spiritual wells overflowing. I spent time alone and could recharge ready for a busy Sunday.
I sent off early on my own in Chantal’s car for the morning service in Vredendal. I arrived so early I had to wait for breakfast because the restaurant I had chosen was closed. I made it just in time for the morning service. It turned out the service had to be delayed because there weren’t enough chairs. People who lived nearby had to go and bring some in so there were camping chairs and all manner of things to sit on!
The worship was led by a member from the local AFM church and was very simple and sincere with many of the songs in English. I then ministered on the Father heart of God. Apostle Andre had reminded us that we have only one true Father and He is our Heavenly Father and this word had resounded in me. I was going to speak another word but as I stood I found myself going along a different path and it proved to be the right one. I gave opportunity for people to respond for prayer and many came forward. God is always faithful to being the right word at the right time for people so I just relax and speak what I sense the Spirit gives. One of the most beautiful moments for me was when I went to pray for an older man with white hair and the most shining face. As I approached him I felt almost inadequate to pray for him, he had such a weightiness in God. I honoured him and loved him and found myself just hugging him for a long time. Tears ran down his cheeks and he said not one word but I know much happened.
After a beautiful lunch with Jan Hendricks and Monika I headed back to Clanwilliam for my final service there in the evening. I stopped along the way just to take in the beauty of God’s creation. He is truly an amazing creator. I got back mid-afternoon and rested for the service at 6.
I arrived in the building a short time before it was due to start. They have made a few changes with a nice carpet at the front and some beautiful banners representing the fivefold along the one wall. I took some photos as the worship began and then entered in. There didn’t seem to be too many at the meeting but it was still a good crowd. When I got up and turned to minister I was surprised to see the church almost full. God had laid it on my heart to minister on Laying down your lives. I had felt a weightiness of God’s presence at the end of worship and knew He has work to do. After ministry I appealed for those who wanted to respond to God’s call to deny self and take up their cross to come forward. I knew this was God’s moment so simply sat down and let it happen. Many came and sat or knelt before God and we will know in eternity what God did. I was so thrilled to see many of the young people coming. Some wept others sat in silence and some prayed. I felt led to simply lay hands and bless and gave some prophecies but this was not a time for too much of that. It was a godly conclusion to my time in the Olifantsriviervallei."

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