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Ben in Cape Town

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As many of you already know, I’ve moved over to Cape Town, South Africa to study here at Miracle Bible College. This has been something that I’ve been thinking about doing for some time but for all sorts of reasons (usually me not obeying God as I should!) it’s taken a while to get to this stage. After a few days delay due to snow in Istanbul, I finally  left the UK on Saturday 4 th of February, arriving here at Cape Town the next day.

The first thing to hit me was the heat. I knew it would be summer here but I never expected it to be as hot as it was when I arrived; 35 degrees Celsius was the low! It’s been hot even for the South Africans I think. The first thing people ask when they greet me is how I’m finding the heat and everywhere you go people have their fans or air conditioning on. It’s a strange contrast from where I’ve come from but I actually feel really blessed to have such good weather and  the opportunity to enjoy it.

I’ve been welcomed here with open arms. On the day I arrived we went to the Worker’s Meeting that evening at Church. Many people came and hugged me, even people who I’d never met before. Apostle André introduced me to the church and repeated something that God had spoken through the church in Birmingham: "You’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right people." It feels like I’ve left home to come home, not to a strange new country. We didn’t  stay for the evening service that Sunday so I can’t wait for this weekend and the chance to worship with the body here.

I started Bible College on Wednesday and am really enjoying everything so far. Every lecture has had a "light bulb" moment for me where something is explained in a way that makes so much sense yet is so simple and easy to apply to life. I’ve participated in drama class – something for which the flesh definitely has to die – and look forward to being part of the productions and shows they put on here. The other students are great, there are people from all over Africa studying here and they've all made me feel welcome and have helped me find my feet as I’ve missed two weeks so far.

Another blessing has been the opportunity to live with my sister, Jenny, her husband, Louwrens and my new-born nephew Jesse. I feel I’ve slotted in here really easily, Jenny and I are chatting so much more and getting on better than I can ever  remember we did. People in the church have blessed us with a bed and a desk so I have my own space to work in which is great. Jesse is a delight, he’s usually very content and I’ve been so happy to spend time with him, and I’ve yet  to wake up in the night because of him crying which is a bonus! And in Louwrens I know I have a much needed friend and brother.

God has been so good to me already but there are things here that I’m still waiting on Him for. I’m currently looking for some part-time work to support me out here, hopefully some tutoring or helping people with IT. Please pray that God will provide that for me. I also have been praying about transport. I’m currently getting a lift into college with another student but she will be leaving after the first term and so I really could do with a long-term solution. There are buses I can use but having looked at the timetable it makes it hard if I miss one bus to get to college on time. Someone joked today that I’d look funny on a scooter which got me thinking – don’t know what mum would say to that! Anyway,  I know that God will work something out but if you could pray specifically in those areas that would be great.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me either through sponsorship or prayer. I’m really grateful for everyone’s help and pray that God will bless you as He is busy blessing and changing me.


Two Years in Cape Town

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