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A Testimony of Salvation

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About 6 weeks ago, Sue’s aunt Sheila, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was estimated to have 4 weeks to live. We as a church were praying for her and for the family. Sheila is 83 years old, a strong woman who had lost 3 children and quite recently a husband. She was not particularly interested in the Lord before this.

About 2-3 weeks ago, the Lord put it on Sue’s heart to speak to Sheila about salvation. She could not find time alone with her though until last Saturday. Sheila was looking very poorly and weak and the expectation was that this could be her last week to live. Because of how badly Sheila’s health was, Sue and her husband were only given 2-3 minutes to see her. It just so happened that Sue’s husband left the room and Sue was left alone with Sheila to tell her about Jesus, that He loved her and He had died on the cross for us to save us. Sue wondered whether Sheila was well enough to be following what was being said, until Sheila said “wait, say that again, I didn’t hear that last bit”. She was following, taking it in, and receiving it. Sue then prayed and Sheila repeated after her. Sheila asked Jesus to forgive her sins and to come into her heart. After they finished praying, Sue said “Heaven’s having a party now for you Sheila”. Sheila answered “I want to go there now. I’m ready to go”.

Sue could tell that a change had happened by Sheila’s reaction. She is so happy to have had the opportunity to tell her aunt about Jesus and to have prayed with her. The timing and details of what happened felt orchestrated by God. Sheila is going to heaven, hallelujah!

What a blessing family is

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News from Ann Unsworth's recent trip to Cape Town.
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