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Something from January

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I asked one of the Church members, Mary, to highlight one thing that stood out for her during the month of January.

Something from January

One of the things that stood out to me last month was the teaching on trials. (Interestingly, the sermons that are engrained in my mind the most are the ones that I’ve led household on).

Prophet Graham spoke on what trials are, what the product  of trials is and working with God in the process. Trials and correction are a bit different, but I learned through this teaching about receiving correction. Being corrected feels a lot like standing on trial with a million fingers pointing at me (as well  as a punch delivered right between my ribs. When I was told my "flesh" won’t like correction, they were not joking). My first reaction usually is to justify myself. God taught me that I’m already justified in Christ. I don’t need to justify myself. I don’t even need to turn inward and feel sorry for myself. God has a purpose for it and that is to form Christ in me. I trust His Spirit in doing that.

James (chapter 1:2) also goes on to say: "
My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,". It seems bizarre and "upside down", but things related to the Kingdom often are (compared to how things are expected to be done in this world)

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2012-02-21 09:28:32
With you all the way on this, Mary. The flesh wants to justify and excuse our behaviour even when we know we are in the wrong and the correction is accurate but as soon as we step off our high horse and accept the correction we experience such a release and a blessing also. Well written, Mary. Love Beverly.

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