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Be persistent – stay on course

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A few weeks ago we enjoyed the visit of Louis Delport. He is a young man from Harvester Cape Town who has come to the UK for several months to play cricket. It was good to share fellowship with him. There is something special about the unity we have as a Church and Louis added to that. He became our barbeque chef at our after church gathering when he was with us. It is a male jog in South Africa to be in charge of the Braai. He did very well. The fellowship was so good we didn’t want it to end and it continued into the evening.

Louis again reminded me of the need to stay on course. He shared that his cricket was not going as well as he would like but he knows if he perseveres then his form will improve. In life we need to persevere. Jesus told a story of the man who was disturbed late at night when a friend came asking for bread. He was in bed and at first asked the man to go away because he was disturbing the family. In the end he gave in.

Jesus said of that:-
Luke 11:8, ‘..because of his persistence he will rise and give as many as he needs’

Jesus then exhorts us in the next verse (verse 9)
‘I say to you ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you’

The tense in the language is continuous. In other words ‘ask and go on asking until you receive, seek and go on seeking until you find, knock and go on knocking until it opens’
Something is our Christian lives require persistence. We keep going until we have what we know God wants to give us. Note it is for the things that pertain to Kingdom life. That is what we have laid our lives down to server – His Kingdom. We pray it will come daily our lives.

James 4:3 warns that in asking we must ask correctly :-
‘You ask and do not receive because you ask amiss that you may spend it on your pleasures’

Ask with persistent faith and you will receive.

This past weeks we have been asking God persistently for a breakthrough in increase. This was in response to a prophetic word we received. It is amazing how testimonies are now coming in of how God is adding.

So let us ask in faith without doubting

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2012-06-28 15:52:16
We are really looking forward to our visit from Louis too. We are the only other Harvester church in the UK and we may both be 'small' numerically but we are BIG in God and trusting HIM for the increase!

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