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What a blessing family is

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My Daughter and Son in grace, Jenny and Louwrens, live in Cape Town. They met studying at Miracle Bible College part of Harvester Reformational Church Cape Town.  Jesse Graham Badenhorst, my first grandchild was born in January. My son, Ben, also moved to Cape Town in January to start Miracle Bible College. At Easter my mum and I made the trip to see them all.
What a blessing family is. Thank you for releasing me (Graham – my husband), for accompanying me (Mum) and for just being sons, daughter and grandson! It was wonderful to meet Jesse. If you had told me that being Grandma would fill me with such joy I would never have believed you. Isn’t it amazing that God knows what will fill your heart more than you do. He is gorgeous – so precious. Even over the week we could see him grow.
Louwrens is such a good dad. He is really hands on but with such joy and humour. God knows the things you need to see as a Mum and to see how he cares for Jenny and Jesse was what this one needed. As a family they walk in obedience to God. So many miles away but there is such peace in knowing He orders their steps and provides for their needs. Jenny has taken to motherhood. Both Mum and I knew she would… it’s in the genes!
Ben had just finished his first term at Bible College and while we were there got himself a part time job. God is providing for him in so many ways. I went into College with him on Wednesday. It was great to hear Teacher Morne. Our second lesson took the form of a trip… there was lots of excitement! From me too! We went to the Milnerton Public Library! Having accompanied Ben to the Bus terminus to get his bus pass the previous day, it was obvious, Birmingham and Cape Town are twin cities! Another thing God needed to show me I think.
It was great to join Harvester Reformational Church Cape Town for worship on Sunday, teaching at the Women’s Meeting on Thursday, Fellowship at Household and Bible school. It was incredible to pick up some of the same things that God has been speaking to us about here at Birmingham Harvester.
Prophet Nola Pelser spoke on judgement in the church on Sunday morning. Many Christians feel we shouldn’t judge but she used the analogy of a parent and child. If you see your child doing the wrong thing you have to do something about it or they will continue in the wrong way. But we also allow God to judge us first. Isaiah 11v2-4. She also spoke on body. The Church is a place of refuge, safety, defence, stronghold and shade from the day.
Pastor Billy Strauss also gave a great encouragement, preaching in the Sunday evening service. Pioneering something, he said, can be frustrating because you don’t have evidence of it immediately. It takes time to pioneer. We have faith, that which is hoped for, the substance of the unseen.
Teacher Morne Van Wyk taught from Thessalonians on Wednesday at Bible College. Always preach them right, he said, affirm them but bring them back to order. Always preach righteousness and not condemnation. Doctrine is important. We are not a "safe" seeker friendly church. Jesus builds His church. It’s not about how large your church is but how Christ is being formed in the people. Patience produces contentment. God creates capacity for the next thing that He gives you.

And… and….and. So many notes to meditate on and revisit. Thank you Jesus.

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